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Welcome to Scimodo Early Access Open Beta Program!

We’re excited to include you in our Early Access Open Beta Program, we look forward to your critical feedback. Please keep in mind throughout the Beta Program that you are accessing the Scimodo Platform in its earliest iteration. We have big plans to enhance the user experience and expand the Platform capabilities based on your feedback. For now however, you may run into some imperfect system behavior, which is normal during any Early Access program.

The Beta Program includes the Environmental Sensor Project Kit containing an Arduino MKR1000 Microcontroller and a set of environmental sensors (Ambient Light, Sound Pressure Level, Temperature/Humidity, and Soil Hygrometer). When you’re ready to start building your kit, simply click on the ‘Getting Started’ link below. The link will open a PDF file (Instructions for Building The Environmental Sensor Project) which contains a set of step-by-step instructions to help guide you through the hardware setup and device programming, establishing the WiFi connection, and connecting to your Scimodo portal account and dashboard.

When you’re ready to start – please have your Beta Hardware Project Box with you, click on the ‘Getting Started’ link, and carefully follow the Instructions. If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback/suggestions, please email us at support@scimodo.com

The Environmental Sensor Project | Tools for Classroom

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